Weeks and Trimesters of Your Pregnancy (end)

Third Trimester usually lasts from 28 weeks to 40 weeks.

This Trimester could be psychologically more challenging because of expected changes in parenthood and giving actual birth. 3d 4d ultrasound sessions are more desirable because of the emotional anticipation of the newborn and realistic expectations of seeing the baby as it is already out in the real world. At this stage of pregnancy, the baby’s facial features all formed, and it would continue to gain more fat on the cheeks. The face is more round, and the baby looks completely real. The ultrasound system adds natural colors to the background and the baby’s body. As a result, the baby seems so real that expected moms and dads-to-be can’t wait to hold the little one in their arms. 

At this stage, the sonographer’s skills and experience are kicking in. The factors that prevent the production of decent 3d 4d ultrasound images are the placenta and positioning of the baby’s amniotic fluid. Only the patient and an experienced technician could produce nice images if some of those obstacles were present during the session. 

Drinking lots of water and eating healthy food would help the baby create amniotic fluid, which is essential for producing clear images. Help yourself during the pregnancy, and you will not be disappointed with the poor quality of photos and videos during your ultrasound session. Our center is well known for delivering the best pictures possible during 3d 4d ultrasound sessions. Check images taken at our studio at the latest stages of the pregnancy.

3d ultrasound at 31 weeks of pregnancy

At 31 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is about 16 inches long with a weight of 3.3 pounds, about the size of a coconut. The baby can move its head from side to side, and its arms, legs, and body continue to grow with the fat accumulating under the skin. You might notice the baby moving a lot, causing you to feel all those kicks. That is a perfect sign that the baby is active and healthy.

Most moms-to-be would be giving birth between the 37th and 39th weeks of pregnancy. However, some would go to labor earlier, and others even after the 40th week.  Multiples would be delivered before the 37th week. Twins represent about 3% of all births.

3d ultrasound at 39 weeks of pregnancy.

The baby is about to see the world! The baby continues to build a layer of fat that is supposed to facilitate the control of a body temperature after the birth. The baby’s size is about 20 inches (which could be compared to a small watermelon), and the weight is over 7 pounds. Babies boys usually weigh more than baby girls. The outer layers of the baby’s skin are shedding off as new skin forms underneath.

 Common symptoms during the Third Trimester.

For this time, a gain of 20 pounds to up to 35 pounds is perfectly normal. As a result, the extra weight most likely would cause back pain. Also, the lungs and intestines would change positions because of a growing baby. The baby’s position would change during this Trimester by dropping lower into the birth canal and increasing pressure on your bladder.

Braxton Hicks, or practice contractions could start showing more frequently. Remember that these false contractions are not strong enough to push your baby out. The closer your due date the stronger and more frequent those contractions could be. The main reason for Braxton Hicks continuing changes in relaxin and estrogen hormones level that prepare you for delivering the baby. You could also find it useful to increase the frequency of visits to your doctor twice a month.     

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