Prices for Ultrasound Packages

At our center we are proud to offer you packages that have 4d ultrasound videos on DVDs, the best quality 3d ultrasound images on CDs, colorful photos on professional photo paper, and views from two big-screen plasma TVs. We have no coupons to print out, upgrades to pay extra or hidden charges to worry about . Our ultrasound packages prices reflect what you get at  the end of your 3d 4d session, you will receive black and white images on high gloss ultrasound film and color pictures on high gloss photo paper. All pictures are of the baby’s face. We do not charge extra for photo paper. We do not charge taxes. You pay the exact amount that the packages show. If your baby is not cooperating during a session, we will invite you again within two weeks for free. We accept major credit cards.

Option 1

Gender Package


Option 2

Standard Package


Option 3

Advanced Package


There are more ultrasound packages


Ultrasound Package



Ultrasound Package



Ultrasound Package


Teddy Bears Packages with Pre-recorded Baby's heart

Brown teddy bear with recorded baby's heart
Pink teddy bear with recorded baby's heart

Mini Teddy Bear

Ultrasound Package


Teddy Bear

Ultrasound Package


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