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  1. Copyright notice

1.1     Copyright (c) 2007-2020

1.2     Subject to the express terms of this notice:

(a)     Ultrasound Baby Images, as well as our licensors, own and distribute all of the copyright and intellectual property rights on the content on our website

(b)     Ultrasound Baby Images has and reserved exclusively all the copyright on a content published on website and other published material that could be linked to this website

  1. Copyright license

2.1     You permitted:

(a)     to access all pages from this website in a web browser;

(b)     to download any pages from for caching in your web browser;

(c)     to print any pages from this website;

(d)     listed and watch  audio and video material;

(e)     to use additional website services as a subject for further notice

2.2     Anything that is not expressly allowed by this notice is, that you must not copy any 3d photos or 4d videos from website or save any of the mentioned above items to your computer to be used for commercial purposes.

2.3     You are allowed to use our published material for your own personal purposes only, and you must not use this website for differently.

2.4     Except as specifically allowed, you should not edit or modify in any way any ultrasound images and videos on this website.

2.5     Unless you possess or control the related rights of these items, you must not:

(a)     repost ultrasound images from our website (especially, publishing on a different internet site);

(b)     sale copies, rent for commercial purposes any photos or/and videos from this site;

(c)     demonstrate any parts of ultrasound sessions from in public;

(d)     use any product from this website purposely for a commercial reasons

(e)     copy any publish the product such as ultrasound images and 4d videos that are fragments of ultrasound sessions for third parties.

  1. Acceptable use

3.1     You should not:

(a)     make any action toward that can cause malfunction, interruption of services, or cause any other damage in a website performance and access

(b)     operate in a manner that might be damaging, unsafe, deceitful, risky or in connection with any unlawful, detrimental or damaging  intent  or action;

(c)     use this internet site in any way that could be used in connection with distribution, transmission or saving of software linked to spywares or viruses.

(d)     manipulate same kind of fraudulent actions such as data manipulation, illegal data storing or harvesting in relation to  an internet site.

  1. Report abuse

4.1     We encourage anyone who might find out about any illegal activity in connection of to notify us immediately though our contact us page.

4.2     You can contact us via our website or by phone.

  1. Enforcement of copyright

5.1     We consider a copyright protection as a very important issue.

5.2     Illegal usage of our website would be considered as a material for legal action. Violators or our copyright policy would be liable for any legal costs along with any monetary and other damages that might be brought against the violators by the court order.

  1. Permissions

6.1     We may consider giving you permission to use some of our images and videos when you contact us in writing, through e-mail or via our website “Contact” page

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