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Ultrasound Baby Images is 3d 4d ultrasound imaging center for unborn babies conveniently located in Valley Village, CA, adjacent to Studio City, North Hollywood, and Sherman Oaks of Los Angeles, CA. Since 2007 we have performed thousands of sonograms and produced tens of thousands of clear and vivid 3d ultrasound photos and 4d ultrasound DVDs for happy moms and dads to be.

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2d, 3d, and 4d ultrasounds use sound waves technology. However, 2d ultrasound produces only a cross-sectional view, but 3d ultrasound would use different angles. The color image of the fetus looks like a real photograph that is taken inside a womb. Adding a time component or dimension would result in 4d ultrasound. More information you can find by reading our post. Having advanced ultrasound equipment at the facility is the first necessary step for producing beautiful authentic images and videos. State of the Art GE 730 Voluson Expert is a great choice. You can have a sneak peek of some 4d scans on our YouTube channel.


Licensed sonographers at our medical center have many years of experience in OB/GYN. Your baby is precious to you in every way, and that why you want to have a specialist who you would trust. 3d or 4d ultrasounds are very different from a traditional 2d ultrasound used in prenatal tests at your medical doctor’s office.
We provide gender determination from 13 weeks of the pregnancy with a free re-check. Because we could tell you the sex of your baby in the early stages of your pregnancy, we need to make sure you feel confident about who you are having. You always are welcome to come for a free confirmation of gender checks.


We specialize in 3d/4d keepsakes for unborn babies. All expectant moms from 13 weeks up to 39 weeks pregnant at the fetal stage of babies’ development are welcome. Our ultrasound technicians are very confident that you would have an enjoyable experience and receive the best images during your session. A vivid proof of that would be beautiful photos at our website pages that were taking at very late stages of the pregnancy.
All 3d ultrasound pictures that you see on our website are taken at our studio. Most non-diagnostic imaging centers advertise with 3d images and 4d videos that they bought or copied from the third parties. Before booking a photo-op, check out our Weekly Images page that shows how your baby might look at different stages of your pregnancy.


All images that you will receive at the end of your appointment will be on a high gloss photo paper and of your baby’s face. General recommendations are that the best time to see a baby’s face would be during the third trimester or close to 30 weeks of pregnancy. That is important because you want to see how your precious looks like, and we guarantee that you would see your adorable baby at the time of your sessions. Learn more to how better prepare for the session from this post.
Stuffed heartbeat animals such as Teddy Bears with recorded babies’ heartbeats would serve as memories for you and your child for later times.


Our prices are the lowest in the neighborhood. We accept credit cards. We do not charge extra for photo paper. We do not charge taxes. You pay the exact amount that the packages show. If your baby is not cooperating during a session, we will invite you again within two weeks for free. Your satisfaction is important to us. Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google to see what people say about our service.

Easy Access

We frequently have big families as visitors. To create a relaxed and enjoyable theater environment, we put two big-screen HD-plasma TVs for your pleasure beside an original screen of the ultrasound machine. Comfortable chairs and couches would add to your bonding experience and enjoyment during a session.
Convenient Valley Village location, which is easily accessible from 101 and 210 freeways, allows us to serve people from Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank. We have frequent visitors from San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, as well. 405 freeway connects people from West Los Angeles and Santa Monica. We have free parking for your friends and family. Open on weekends and most holidays.

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What people say?

Came here with my husband and whole family (13people) this past weekend. It was amazing to see our son on 3D-4D ultrasound. I cried of happiness when I got to meet him. It was so incredible to finally see him at 30 weeks; totally recommend this place. Very kind people that own baby images and she helped get the perfect pics ,and baby’s heartbeat in teddy bear ! We went with the $60 package ,added big teddy bear for $35 and DVD for $15 ! Then after we got buttons and magnets of baby’s face for $8 each ! Prices are decent compared to other places I called. Thank you for making my experience treasurable

Beautiful.. Chatsworth, Ca

I’m not one to leave reviews but I’m making any exceptions just this once. This is my first pregnancy. I came here when I was 14 weeks because I was to impatient to wait any longer to find out my baby’s gender. During my appointment we found out it was a boy. We received pictures of our little guy, and she even gave us some 3d photos. We paid extra and got a heartbeat bear. I went again recently for the 4d scan of baby at 34 weeks and they got perfect shots of my little guy’s face I’m so happy with the photos and extremely happy with the service I I can’t say anything negative about being here I love that when they scan the baby.The lady shares just as much happiness and joy when you get to see the baby and there little faces. Thank you so much for helping make my first pregnancy memorable. If I ever have any more children in the far far future I will definitely be back.

Breanna C. Encino, Los Angeles, Ca

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